At Damerham Trout Fishery we would like you to enjoy your visit and to that end we request that you adhere to our Fishery Rules. Users of the fishery who are found to be abusing these Fishery Rules will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to fish in the future.

  1. All Fishing needs to be pre booked by telephone 01725 518446
  2. The fishery will be open by arrangement between 8am and dusk.
  3. Only fly fishing is allowed at the fishery, using one single hook, maximum size 8.
  4. Dry fly and nymph only may be used on the river. Wet, dry fly and nymph may be used on the lakes.
  5. You must purchase your Day Ticket on arrival at the fishery prior to starting to fish.
  6. On reaching your limit, fishing may continue on Allen river on a catch and release only with barbless hooks (though you can purchase additional tickets). No wild fish are to be taken.
  7. All fish caught must be weighed and recorded in the return book provided. Nil returns must also be entered!
  8. No litter, radios, or animals.
  9. No wading or swimming.
  10. Fly fishers may be accompanied by one non-fishing guest only.
  11. All fly fishers must have a landing net and a priest.
  12. By paying for a permit, you undertake to accept and abide by the fishery rules. If you break these rules we regret that you will be asked to leave the fishery without a refund.
  13. The fish farm, hatchery and stew ponds are off limits.
  14. No person is to interfere with hatches or sluices.
  15. Do not feed fish under any circumstances.
  16. The management take no responsibility for any circumstances affecting the lake or fishing that are beyond their control.
  17. Anyone fishing at the fishery must have, on the day, the correct current fishing licence. Day licences to comply with statutory requirements can be purchased at the Damerham Trout Fisheries fishing office for £6.00, However, you can also purchase licenses online at any time from The Post Office.
  18. There is strictly no catch-and-release except on the river.
  19. The management accepts no responsibility for damage to personal belongings.

Please Note:

  1. When the fishery is open, there is ample parking available on site. 
  2. Tuition is available, but must be arranged in advance. Call Ian Thew 01425 403735
  3. We sometimes have to carry out maintenance work on a lake or the river while the fishery is open, especially when weed needs to be cut. However, we will endeavour to keep inconvenience to a minimum.