Ian Thew who owns New Forest Fishing and Shooting and his wife Tracy who is the founder of a ladies fly fishing group, Fish Wives, are both highly qualified fly fishing instructors and are available to provide individual or group instruction for the complete novice to coach you through the basics of fly fishing, also to bring a wealth of expertise for the more experienced who may wish to improve their casting or fishing techniques.

To book an individual or group lesson please call Ian on 01425 403735

All sessions include the use of outfits and safety equipment, if required, basic follow-up notes on the lesson and two fish to take home.



  • Equipment, assembly and function
  • Safety (Personal and Physical)
  • The roll cast and the overhead cast
  • Essential knots to get you going independently
  • Selecting and fishing the fly on the day
  • Hooking and playing the fish
  • Landing and despatching the fish
  • Cleaning and preparation for cooking or freezing

A typical session for the more experienced fisherman might include the following:

  • Equipment for different locations
  • Further Casting Techniques
  • Hauling (Single & Double)
  • Shooting and mending line
  • Advanced knots by request
  • Leaders and other accessories